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Employee communication during crisis: what leaders need to know

Episode Summary

Communication…a task that seems like a simple thing to do. But iIn the workplace, 57% of employees report not being given clear directions and 69% of managers are not comfortable communicating with the employees in general according an Interact study. Add in a business crisis that’s grabbing your attention in 20 other areas while employees are looking for direction and real insight, and communication becomes even more important! But how do we do it? Stephanie Thum joins to share her personal experience of effective communication as we continue our series on leadership during uncertainty. Stephanie was leading CX during a time of crisis for a government agency during a high-profile, targeted political shutdown that involved a six-month stoppage of service to customers. She’s currently the Founding Principal at Practical CX, and actually provided the inspiration for this series. Find her on Twitter: @stephaniethum or on Instagram: @sthumCX. Presented by The Future of Customer Engagement and Experience (, where you can find our section of information dedicated to leadership, data, and current news around COVID-19.